Safe at home; our perspective in these times

Our planet has been turned upside down over the past weeks. The pandemic that engulfs our world unravels the tapestries of our communities.  It’s a painful time for everyone.  We felt an urgency to write to you, the friends and clients that we care for, and share our thoughts. In these times, the need to stay connected, to lend our strength and support for each other is vital.  We will see a conclusion to this period, the economic and social challenges will pass. We strive to stay resilient and remain poised to serve our community and client needs.  It’s stability in times of uncertainty, a rock-solid commitment to our mission and our community.

And one thing remains certain:  our homes have become our sanctuary.  Our homes are not only where our hearts are, but where we must remain in this period.

Our business is real estate. Our lives are helping others and we have found positives in all of this. We are slowing down, we are spending more time talking with loved ones, we are making changes in our lifestyles, and yes, we are still selling and buying houses.  We are creatively changing the way we approach our listings and are using new tactics to share purchase opportunities with our clients.  Thankfully, our Colorado leaders support our essential work in helping people with their real estate needs.  We are mindful of safety measures in executing our profession. We know that when this all passes, our business is going to be crazy – with so much pent up demand. And it’s good now, especially for sellers; as we just don’t have enough homes for buyers to buy.

Our point is don’t stop living, don’t stop dreaming. We will get through this.  While it’s said that real estate supports the economy, we do so much more than that.  We help people find homes.  And homes are where we feel safe.  At a moment when the world feels uncertain, one measure of hope is finding a place to call home. 

Our current commitment remains to help those who are:

  • Serious about selling their home and want a fast result.  We offer virtual Open Houses and Buyer Tours so you can stay safe.
  • Wanting to buy a home in the next 30 – 60 days. We do all the touring for you virtually, if you want us to. 

Stay in touch.  Contact us anytime.  We are here to listen, to support, to respond.  We want to hear how you are doing.

Be well.

Diane and James Levy

Equity Colorado


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